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What is Pea Milk?

What is Pea Milk?
Writer and expert12 months ago
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Have you considered a change from your regular milk on your cereal or in your tea? If you are vegan, milk intolerant or concerned about the environment then I expect the answer to be yes! With more people looking to switch from dairy for diet reasons or sustainability there is a rise in demand for plant based milks.

In the last few years, the interest and demand for pea milk has grown, especially from those who understand the issues with soy and nut milks.

What is pea milk?

It’s a ‘milk’ made from dried yellow split peas (think more like a chickpea, rather than your regular green garden peas). Yellow split peas are a legume grown across Europe. North Africa and in parts of Asia. Once dried these yellow split peas are very neutral in taste and don’t taste like peas.

Note: In this article we will now refer to non dairy milks as why do we do this? 

Using spilt peas gives us the opportunity to produce a that is similar in consistency to cows milk. Many other plant milks are extremely thin and are comparable to the consistency of water.

How is pea made?

We take those dried yellow split peas and grind the down to a fine powder (think the consistency of cornflour). This powder is processed so the protein is purified, its then blended with water and other ingredients, (Check out the nutritional panel on any of our products) but we add as little as possible to our m.lks.

Is pea milk good for you?

Pea is definitely good for you and a great alternative to dairy or other plant m.lks. Our Unsweetened and Original m.lks are gluten free and of course lactose free. They are high in fibre and low in saturated fat. Keep reading to find out more about our Mighty M.lks

A great source of protein

Mighty M.lks are a great source of protein with around 6 grams of plant based pea protein in every 250ml serving. Compare that to Almond with 2.5 grams or oat with 3 grams. Protein is the building block to help repair and grow muscles.

Fortified with Calcium

As with other plant m.lks on the market we fortify our m.lks with calcium, which the body requires for bones and muscles. Our m.lks contains 186mg of calcium per servings compared with cows milk which has around 120mg (around 50% less) As well as calcium we fortify our m.lks with added iodine, vitamin D and B12 (find out why you need iodinevitamin D and vitamin B12).


Environmental impact

Growing yellow split peas is better for the environment than growing almonds or from cows milk. Yellow peas are easy and inexpensive to grow in comparison.

Our m.lks produces 76% less greenhouse gas emissions to make and require 75% less water to produce than cows milk and as an added benefit require 48% less land to make than cows

Our Mighty M.lks require 87% less water to produce than almond (did you know it takes 25 litres of water to produce 1 almond).


How do I use pea milk?

How did you use cows milk? Our pea m.lks work in the same way. You can pour over cereal. Fancy a cup of tea or coffee? – use pea (it wont split or curdle like other plant m.lks). Fancy baking a cake? – use pea Making a creamy pasta sauce – use pea Whatever you fancy pea can be used as a replacement for cows milk. Need some inspiration for vegan dishes?

I hope you enjoyed reading this, check out our blog page for more interesting and informative posts.


Writer and expert
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