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What is Barista Oat Milk? Everything You Need to Know

What is Barista Oat Milk? Everything You Need to Know
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What is Barista Oat Milk? Everything You Need to Know

You love coffee. You love oat milk.Here’s how to enjoy them both together.

So you’ve switched to oat milk and are really enjoying it. But you’re also a coffee nut and haven’t had the best experience making it with oat milk. So what’s this barista oat milk and why is it the best choice for making great coffee?

 What is barista oat milk?

Basically, barista oat milk is oat milk specially crafted to give the best results in hot drinks. It’s cleverly designed to be easier to froth and foam, to help bring out the amazing coffee taste we all love. It’s also less likely to split and curdle which can happen with other oat milks which haven’t been made this way.

Meet MIGHTY Barista oat

Our MIGHTY oat Barista edition was created specifically for professional baristas and coffee shops. They wanted a plant-based alternative to satisfy all those customers who want amazing coffee - but don’t want dairy in it.

We combined the best British oats, plus peas and coconut to create a smooth and creamy plant-based, dairy-free milk alternative crafted especially for coffee – and tea. It’s been designed to work well in hot drinks, with no splitting and a neutral taste which brings out the natural flavour of the coffee or tea. It complements them just like dairy, and adds a touch of sweetness and creaminess.

To do this, we add just the right amount of coconut cream to our ultimate oat barista milk and made it extra creamy - while still keeping a neutral taste. So don't worry, your coffee won’t taste like coconut.

This all makes it easy for you to whip up a frothy and silky micro-foam when it’s steamed. Then you can create the perfect café latte, flat white, cappuccino, macchiato, latte macchiato or mocha - and it’s great for showing off your latte art skills.

 What about the calories?

Not only is our MIGHTY Barista oat full of oats, plant protein and coconut to give it a creamy taste and texture, it's full of goodness too. Each 100ml serving has just 52kcal, 1.1g of protein, only 1.6g of sugars and 0.8g of saturated fat– lower than many other similar oat milk brands. And we’ve added extra calcium, vitamins B12 and D.

Can you boil oat milk?

Like any oat milk, our oat barista edition can be boiled. When you boil oat milk, it becomes thicker and creamier and can be used in recipes that call for milk or cream. This makes it ideal for cooking and making sauces, but the different texture might not be to your taste when you just want to drink it. We recommend that oat milk should only be warmed up to 160°F for typical usage.

 Does oat milk curdle in coffee?

The answer is yes, standard oat milks can curdle. This is why we created our specialist barista oat milk alternative to stop this happening.

There are a few other things you can do too.

  • Make sure that you use fresh oat milk that hasn’t been in the fridge for too long.
  • Give the carton a good shake and add the oat milk to your coffee slowly, whisking it well as you pour it in. This will help temper the milk and bring it up to the coffee temperature without any clumping or curdling.
  • You can also gently warm the oat milk before adding it to the coffee.

Can you put oat milk in tea and on cereals?

Our MIGHTY Barista oat drink can be used cold straight from the carton into your coffee or tea. It can also go into all of your favourite recipes – for baking and cooking, on your morning cereals or porridge, making MIGHTY shakes or as a nice, refreshing cold drink or smoothie. Check here for recipe inspiration.

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