MIGHTY Oat Based Whole Not Milk

MIGHTY Oat Based Whole Not Milk

(Allergen Update: May contain traces of Soya) Meet the New Whole Milk (that’s Not Whole Milk).

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Top Customer Reviews

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Excellent but!

Excellent taste but, needs to be well chilled to drink and not taste the pea flavour that rears its head slightly too high in the flavour profile.

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Tasty whole plant milk

Really nice and creamy compared to a lot of other plant milks that can be watery. Really high in protein too so a good alternative to milk without being high in fat or sugars like oatly and other brands.

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Creamy and delicious!

I am very pleased with this milk, It's really nice in coffee and breakfast cereal! I will be baking with this soon as well. Highly recommended.

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Good on cereal

Good plant based milk. Used it on cereal and the barista on hot drinks because the product tended to split in tea. But everything else was fine and really enjoyed the creamy taste.

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Tasty and low carb

I'm on low carb, keto diet and so far was using Arla full fat lactofree milk at 2.6 carb per 100 ml. However they went crazy with price, nearly £2 a little, not paying that. I know ingredients are not greatest for keto but I'm happy with carb count. Taste and consistency is very good, not too watery, mix well in coffee, also works well heated in my low carb porridge.

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Good taste and texture

Bought this product on offer to see if we liked it, and it became my family's favourite plant based milk. It has a nice taste and texture (not to thick).

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Not great

Thought I had found an alternative to milk finally! Poured some on my cereal. I initially didn't like the taste but got used to it. Throughout the day, felt queasy then all evening, it just went straight through me. Great for people if they have no side effects, unfortunately for me it did.

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It has the same taste as Oat milk but with a thicker consistency. I've been using it daily for smoothies, lattes and cappuccino, which tastes delicious and doesn't change the taste of coffee (like coconut milk). It is also less sweet than the barista version, which I find too sweet. I haven't had milk for over a decade, so I don't know if it tastes like cow's milk, but it has a tasty flavour.

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No Hot Drinks

I was looking for a new milk because my current milk that I use it quite watery. I bought this in Morrisons to give it a shot and I made one coffee and it just separated with bits floating the the top. It curdled so much it reminded me of those alien shots. Tastes okay but the separation makes me feel ill when I look at it.

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Bought based on promises printed on carton but...

The marketing printed on the carton certainly got my attention as it promised all I needed from a dairy alternative. I have enjoyed dairy free alternatives for many years so I have been extensively tested many products. Unfortunately the promises didn't match my expectations. The product is creamy and has similar consistency to full fat milk but that's as far as I can agree with. The taste is quite different to milk and is awful in hot drinks. The drink separates quite badly and there are plenty of bits at the bottom of the cup. Almost like a biscuit has been left in too long. A previous reviewer advised to put this drink in a cooled down cuppa but does anyone really enjoy a cooled down cuppa or have time for that? I would describe it as good in cereals and to drink on its own and that's it.

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