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We sat down with Tom, one of the Mighty Co-Founders to chat about CALM and why we’re doing our bit to support them.Hi Tom! We’d love to know what CALM as an organisation means to you.

Mental health and wellbeing is really important to us. And we know the harmful effect a negative working environment can have on mental health. From the moment we launched Mighty we knew we wanted to create a nice space for people to work in and operate in a way that supports and values their needs.


CALM are a really fantastic organisation with such a vital mission. The fact is that for men under fourty the second biggest killer is suicide — and that’s absolutely horrific. CALM is a really powerful resource, not just for men who are suffering but their loved ones too.


The lockdowns over the past year or so have meant it’s been a pretty isolating time.

Absolutely. There was the element of just being on your own — and for many people it was the first time they’d worked from home. Having those lines blurred between work and home life, and the uncertainty that it brought to many businesses — including our own — was worrying.

Fortunately we’re starting to move out of that but for a moment in time it was really scary — and I know a lot of people still struggling from that. It’s been tough for so many different people, which is part of the reason we wanted to do our part to support CALM and the work that they do.


How does CALM’s mission fit into the Mighty ethos?

Sustainability and people are behind everything that we do. Every product that we make should be a small step towards making the world a better place for everyone to live.

CALM is definitely an inspiration to us when it comes to the valuable work that they do; as a campaign, and as a resource, they’re creating real change in peoples’ lives. And that means a lot to us.

Thanks Tom!

For every carton of Mighty Barista we sell, we’ll donate 2p directly to CALM. We’re aiming to reach £10k in the next 12 months to support their life-saving service and resources.

CALM is a leading movement against suicide. If you’re finding it tough call 0800 58 58 58 and visit


Writer and expert
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