A tastier, more nutritious and more sustainable future starts with MIGHTY. This is Progress!

It looks like milk, it tastes like milk and it's got way more good stuff than milk. Not milk


Experience new levels of plant-based loveliness. With our exclusive Plantech process, we’ve crafted our dairy alts with the ultimate taste and texture. So, say goodbye to thin, watery milk alternatives. And, say hello to deliciously smooth & creamy MIGHTY M.lks and Shakes. With an ultimate taste and a texture that’s just like milk. But it totally isn’t. Day by day, we’re making the dairy free option a delicious, sustainable and nutritious one.


All plants but MIGHTY nutritious. Switching from dairy shouldn’t leave you without the good stuff. By using the yellow split pea, we’re able to pack a protein punch. MIGHTY crams in over 2x the protein content per serving* vs almond, coconut and other oat milks. Plus, you’ll find similar or higher levels of calcium & B12 to dairy milks with less sugar*. Join us in taking the dairy alt scene to new levels of nutrition.


MIGHTY are big on flavour but tiny on footprint. Using oats and yellow split peas as key ingredients causes less harm to wildlife, uses less land & less water and produces significantly less emissions than traditional dairy milks**. That’s why we’ve earned an A rated eco impact scores by MONDRA & Foundation Earth. Switch over and help us progress to a more sustainable future.


* - Data from milk.co.uk

** - Data from mondra.com & foundation-earth.org