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MIGHTY M.LKs are milk alternatives that are big on flavour, have amazing nutritional's and contain no dairy, nuts or soya. Who’d have thought milk made from yellow split peas could pack so much goodness?! Our milk substitutes have more protein and calcium than regular plant milks, and split peas have a tiny carbon footprint so it’s super sustainable too. 

All our milks are 100% vegan meaning MIGHTY are totally vegan friendly. 

Our M.lk’s main ingredient is yellow split peas which require considerably less resources (land and water) than cow’s milk or nut milks. Making it more sustainable and great for the environment. We are certified by MONDRA and Foundation Earth (who certify the eco-impact of food products) and our M.lk receive an A rating.

MIGHTY is carbon neutral meaning that the carbon footprint of the product has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects, find out more at Climate Partners

Sustainable Packaging - We have moved to SIG Packaging. Our new pack design is fully recyclable, its a plant based pack, made from 100% responsibly sourced raw materials and uses responsibly sourced ASI certified aluminium.

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