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Thinking about moving from cow’s milk, but a bit concerned about the nutritional value of dairy-free, plant-based alternatives? Perhaps you’re vegan or vegetarian and already drinking other dairy alt milks, but fancy trying something different?

Pea milk might be right up your street. It’s a non-dairy milk made from peas – but not green peas. It’s made from yellow split peas which are more like chickpeas, and are grown right across southern Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia. These yellow split peas are very neutral in taste and have a flavour and consistency more similar to cow’s milk than other plant milks. They don’t taste like peas, and pea milk certainly isn’t green!

Why harness the split pea? Because we firmly believe you shouldn't have to compromise on taste and enjoyment when switching to dairy-free. That was our thinking when we came up with our range of pea-based plant m.lks. They’ve been specially designed by our clever team to give you great flavour, maximum nutrition and minimum environmental footprint.


Yellow split peas are jam-packed with benefits. Firstly, they’re a superb source of protein which we all need, and they’re crammed with minerals.

In fact, a research study carried out by the US-based Institute of Food Safety and Health discovered that pea protein milk is the most mineral-packed of all milk alternatives, beating almond, cashew, coconut, hemp, oat, pea, rice and soy milks.

The boffins from the Illinois Institute of Technology and the US Food and Drug Administration, found that only pea and soy milk had higher levels of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium than even cow's milk. Of these two, pea milk was the highest - with 50% more phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Get in.


Our MIGHTY Unsweetened Pea M.LK brings you all of the natural taste and health benefits of our Original Pea M.LK in an unsweetened option.

It’s sugar-free and has a lovely neutral taste that's not overpowering. And the biggie is a whopping 20g of plant-based protein in every carton - that's 5g squeezed into every 250ml serving. Plus, it’s extra high in calcium – so high it has 50% more than cow's milk.


MIGHTY Original Pea M.LK is a smooth and creamy plant-based, dairy-free milk replacements subtly sweetened with grape juice – not artificial sweeteners or sugar. Being 100% plant-based it’s vegan friendly and perfect if you have any allergies to other plant or nut milks, or a milk intolerance. This contains no dairy, gluten, nuts or soy.

It’s also high in protein with 6 grams in every 250ml serving, plus calcium and vitamin D. It’s also fortified with iodine which contributes to the normal growth of children, and vitamin B12, which helps fight tiredness and fatigue.

MIGHTY Pea M.LK vs Cow’s Milk

MIGHTY Pea M.LK vs Other Milk Alternatives

What’s best for the planet?

When it comes to the environment, dairy milk has a significant negative impact on the environment.

That’s because it depends on raising cows – and tons of them literally. This takes more water and more land to grow the animal feed to make the cows grow. The loss of land also has a bigger impact on biodiversity with more threat to different species.

In addition, them big old cows emit incredible amounts of methane through their constant burping, trumping and poops. This has a global warming potential 28 to 34 times larger than that of CO2.

In fact, a study by Oxford University in 2018 found that one glass of cow’s milk has a carbon footprint three times bigger than plant-based milk. It uses up 120 litres of water and takes large amounts of land. To produce one glass of dairy milk every single day for a year would use up a staggering 7,000 square feet of land - that’s two tennis courts.

That’s one of the reasons we’re in the milk alternative business. Because MIGHTY split pea milk emits over 77% fewer grams of CO2 per litre (also called greenhouse gases or GHG) than cow’s milk – check out the chart using data gathered by MONDRA, an organisation committed to creating a sustainable food system for our planet.

What’s more, they also use up much less water in production that cow’s milk – a staggering 87% less water in fact.

And, use significantly less water than almond because did you know that it takes 4.16 litres of water to grow just one almond?

This is why our MIGHTY pea milk alternatives have been certified by both MONDRA and Foundation Earth, who are both committed to reducing food’s environmental impact on the planet. We’re dead chuffed to tell you that both organisations awarded our MIGHTY Pea range an A rating. Look out for this smart label on our cartons.


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