Love oat milk? Why not bulk buy it? You save money, delivery is quick and convenient, and our oat milk can be stored for months out of the fridge

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So you know how you can’t have too much of a good thing? And you know how you love oat milk? Well why not get some buy-in-bulk oat milk? Go large and treat yourself to a 12-pack. You’ll save money and you won’t have to nip out every few days to buy some.

Already buy bulk oat milk from your local supermarket? Do it the easy way and order it from us online right now. We’ll deliver as many multi-packs as you like straight to your door in just a few days. Then you can save yourself the arm ache of lugging them to and from the car. 

You’ll save a packet too of course, and if unopened you can keep them in the cupboard for up to a year. If you can resist for that long. 

Not tried it yet – here’s what you’re missing 

Looking for a nice, tasty, dairy-free milk alternative? We have plenty of great MIGHTY M.LKOLOGY goodies for you to choose from. 

So how about our lovely, scrummy MIGHTY M.LKOLOGY Barista? It’s a smooth and creamy plant-based, dairy-free milk alternative designed especially for all you coffee nuts out there. It’s rich, frothy, tasty Barista milk and is the perfect replacement for cow's milk. To top it all, it’s 100% vegan and available as bulk oat milk. 

Then there’s our MIGHTY M.LKOLOGY Whole , a dairy-free, plant-based milk alternative to full fat or whole cow’s milk. Every carton is packed with 20g of protein and is high in calcium, iodine and vitamins B12 and D. Plus, it’s low sugar, made without dairy or soya ingredients and contains zero animal products, just sustainable vegan goodness. 

If semi-skimmed is your thing, try our semi-skimmed. Our MIGHTY M.LKOLOGY Semi has all the vegan goodness of our whole plant milk, but in a semi-skimmed option. MIGHTY M.LKOLOGY Whole and Semi are both creamy, dairy-free, plant-based milk substitutes made from oats and yellow split peas, and both are available as bulk oat milk.  

Don’t just take our word for how amazing our plant milk is. Our customer Sam D said it’s, ‘Easily the best plant milk I’ve tried. I was amazed how white and 'milk' like it was and worked a treat on cereal. Highly recommend!’ Thanks Sam.